Monday, April 23, 2007

Short attention span!

I’m a project girl… I’ve decided.

What is it about sitting in my studio and actually completing a project that thrills me so? People often say, “I bet you have lots of beautiful albums” but truth be known…I have boxes of photos, memorabilia, and journaling notes haunting me. The thought of actually getting those pictures all in albums is overwhelming! That’s why, I love to do PROJECTS. I can alter something, hand-stitch an artist’s journal, or create a collage and feel such satisfaction…such a sense of accomplishment!

Those photos in the boxes…they’ll be there waiting for me when I find that groove…but for now…bring on the paint, the solder, the waxed-linen…I’m ready for my next project!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Busy Days Ahead!

What is it about blank dates in my day planner? They act as magnets to 'stuff to do' and somehow fill up before my very eyes!
I thought I'd use the week to get a start on projects to sell at Covington's Heritage Days Festival...but, yesterday I got assignments for 4 projects for 2 different magazines, and found out that the organizers of Simply Southern Scrapbook Convention accepted ALL FOUR of the class proposals that Candice and I designed.

With all those projects due soon...and an ATC swap due tomorrow, I don't know what I'm doing basking in the glow of the computer's back light. HI HO HI HO...It's off to work I go.....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Where's the eraser?

So, I begin the tedious task of sending my new email address out to people…THEN "big river"(faster than the speed of light internet server) tells me I can’t use symbols…so…erase that last post and insert this one!

My new email addy is That’s with no dash and all lower case….NOW you can email me AND I'll actually GET it!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New e-Addy

Now I'll begin making sure EVERYONE has my new e-mail...what fun!

It's not all that different than the old one...

E-mail me sometime!

Movin' on up with DSL!....

WooHoo, I have DSL, highspeed, faster than the speed of sound internet service and I'm so excited! I promise I'll post messages and photos on this blog now that I'm in the current century...electronically!

Have you heard...I have a book out...!? :)