Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wiley is the picture I've been promising to of the "Grand"puppies. This little feller is the love of Laura's life right now! Everytime I talk to her I have to listen to how adorable he is, how he cuddles with her and his antics, one of which cost her about $600 in emergency vet bills. This advice...chocolate is worse for dogs than you think, especially dark and bakers chocolate. A big brownie left where he could reach it meant a pretty scary night with IVs and charcoal. He's back to 100% and as precious as ever. He'd be even cuter if his potty training was going better!

Happy Halloween!

No goblins at my house tonight! We lived in military housing for so many years and would literally have hundreds of costume cuties come a knockin'...sure is different here! I got so excited when I heard our one and only knock at the door...grabbed the big bowl of treats and opened the door expecting to see little guys yelling "Trick-or-Treat," but instead it was the sweet college-aged daughter of our great friends bringing us a dish filled with homemade goodies! The cutest little sugar cookies that look like candy corns...adorable and tasty!

I guess we're in those in between years...our kids our young adults, making us empty nesters...with no Grandbabies yet. These days are challenging me...the little girl who only wanted to be a Mommy when she grew up now has to figure out who she is all over again and what her purpose is right now. But, that's OK...I'll figure it all out...for now I'm liking this freelance artist/author gig! And with no kids around we can run around the house in our undies all we want! Now there's a scary thought...Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Let this stack of boxes waiting to be shipped be proof that I’m still kicking and busier than ever! This cardboard contains lots of projects to be published in an upcoming book so I can’t post individual pics on the internet. I’ll let you know more when I can.

‘Til 2am this morning I was working on batch of projects for another book and hopefully will be shipping those later today. That will allow me a minute or two to finish up some teasers and class samples for upcoming Eclectica classes, and finish getting things together for the “Simply Southern Scrapbook Convention" which Candice and I leave for on Wednesday morning. I know I'll see many of you there.

I want to give a public shout out to Eclectica for sponsoring us (RockCandy Designs™) for the convention, also, Clearsnap, Krylon and Tsukineko for contributing supplies. And, a great big thanks to Lisa Paine for machine embroidering our logo on aprons and bags.

Here are my upcoming workshops at “E”…check 'em out. I’m especially excited to share some of the new products, including the Crackle Medium, in the Mosaic Sampler Class. I’m also anxious to teach the Halloween Pennant Garland Class, with all the especially fun seasonal goodies that Making Memories came out with this year. I'm sure you've noticed that Pennants are all the rage right now in holiday decor. Of course, I'm teaching a book arts class...with this one we'll get back to some stitched bindings.

Mosaic Sampler Canvas Workshop
Saturday, October 13 at 2:00 PM -- $26 Instructor: Roxi
New products have been streaming in the door since our trip to CHA! This is your chance to test the newest products and hottest tools while creating a stunning decor canvas to embellish your home! You’ll bring one favorite close-up photo 5” x 7” (black and white if possible) and we’ll surround it, mosaic style, with all the products you’ve been anxious to try. These pieces will be mounted on a 12” x 12” artist’s canvas and ready to be hung when you get home. Please bring your basic class kit, heat tool (if you have one) and your favorite strong liquid adhesive (i.e. Scrappy Glue). Please note: This is a workshop length class.

Spooktacular Garland – Workshop Class
Tuesday, October 23 at 10:30 AM -- $26 Instructor: Roxi
Create five Halloween pennants using hot new seasonal papers, embellishments and ribbons. You’ll string these together to make an adorable Halloween Greetings Garland to decorate your home and delight all those ghosts and goblins. Please note: This is a workshop length class.

Book Arts Workshop – Workshop Class
Saturday, October 27 at 2:00 PM -- $26 Instructor: Roxi
This journal, complete with a coordinating pencil and hand-stitched binding, has a partially open spine that adds interest and will allow the book to lie flat on a surface for easy note taking. A beautiful project for the seasoned book-artist or the perfect project to introduce beginners to this art form, this workshop is for every level! In addition to your basic class kit, please bring a craft knife and binder’s needle (if you have one). Please note: This is a workshop length class.