Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Curve Balls

Life is a rollercoaster ride sometimes...and this has been one of those weeks, for sure. You know life is fragile, you are aware of the natural cycles in life, but when health issues slap your family in the face it hurts like hell. The curve ball I referred to came in the form of a stroke in the control center of my Dad's brain...the part that controls breathing and heart beat and other vital functions. It looks like Dad will be OK, with months of therapy...provided he gets through these next days. He's being transported to another hospital to have a pacemaker inserted as I type this message...we are optimistic at this moment. The beat goes on.

My Mom seems fragile to me right now...and she's not a weak person, by anyone's standards. She's so tired, and to hear her say she's scared cuts me to my very core. My sister and brothers are there with them now...and I will be going in a few days. I need to be there. My heart already is.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Feet

Now, THIS is the LIFE!

"What Happens on the River....


All loaded and ready to go!

OK, I'll probably get in "trouble" for posting this picture of Jennifer...but do you remember the grocery store incident in a previous post...well, payback's a b----! Love you...Jenn :)

Imagine...floating along, hearing the birds singing, the turtles jumping into the river, absolutely perfect weather...pure peace! Then the rumble of the rapids up ahead...and the adrenalin rush...then negotiating the current perfectly...and staying upright in your kayak through it all, with your camera safely nestled in its drywell.
Hmmm...that's the way I imagined the scene...but, what happened was a whole different story, and like I said, "what happened on the river stays on the river."

We're back home and almost dried out.