Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tie a package up with this bow and the recipient may not want to open the gift! This is the last installment of Eileen Hull's Sizzix Scoreboard Die-cut Blog Hop... at least for now! I'm sure she has more fabulous designs up her sleeve for future releases. What relaxing fun I had while "Zentangling" up the pieces cut from the bow die. Simply run white paper and bow die through your die-cut machine and start doodling with your favorite pen! See below for assembly instructions.

For this bow I used six large strips, six medium strips and five small strips.
Now the fun begins... Just start doodling designs allowing them to evolve as you go!

To assemble:

Step 1: Loop about 18" of thin wire (or thread) through a button leaving long ends of equal length hanging from the backside of button.
Step 2: Being careful not to crease loops of bow strips, align holes of paper strips one at a time and thread onto wire beginning with all small strips, then all medium strips, then all large strips.
Step 3: Spread out and arrange to create a perfect package bow!
Step 4: Secure by wrapping wire into a loop on the underside of bow.
Step 5: Attach to gift or use as an element on a piece of decor.

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