Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The guys!

Bonding over weaponry...hmmm, why is it that Bob brings out the ammo when our girls bring home their guys?

Bob giving Phil some archery pointers...

Here's a snapshot of Laura and Trey just hangin' on the deck on a perfect Sunday afternoon...in the afterglow of the "Party of the Century."

This was our first time meeting Trey...and we think he's a keeper!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

My beautiful Momma when I was just a twinkle in her eye!

I wish you a very special day, Mom! I wish we were there to honor you in person. Just know how much you are loved and appreciated!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Party of the "Century!"

Dubbed the Party of the Century, our amazing daughters planned a hundred year party to celebrate Bob and I both turning 50 (even though I did it awhile back)! Our son and his sweetie couldn't make it. Boy, were we surprised when we walked into our neighbor's son's "Graduation" party and were greeted by lots of OUR friends and our two daughters, one of whom lives in Virginia and the other in North Carolina. They each brought a special guy...Phil, who we've claimed as part of the family for several years and Trey, who we had the pleasure of meeting for the very first time. I can think of no better word than perplexed to describe how I felt when we walked in... well, maybe dumbfounded would work, also! Our very special friends, Bill and Treesha opened their home and coordinated with the girls to pull off this event. I loved seeing our friends from different social circles and our daughters and their guys all together and getting to know one another. We feel honored, we feel loved and above all, we feel extremely blessed! Pictures to follow later...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ban the Orphan Works Bill!!!

If you are an artist or care about someone who is, you MUST read about this bill and take action to protect your(their) rights.

"The Orphan Works Bill is designed to benefit big corporations and legalize theft. Individual artists would have to pay to register their work at private institutions. Anything not registered would be an "orphan work" and free to use without penalty or payment.
Effectively, artists would lose any right to make money from their artwork.
We can prevent this. Ban the Orphan Works Bill!" (as stated on "thepetitionsite.com")

To take action and read more about this bill click here.

Name that Plate!

I gave myself some Artistic Outpost time and had fun with this image collage on a 14" 14" canvas. I believe there is at least one stamp from each plate except for the Christmas plates. Can you name the plate each image came from? Link here if you need a "cheat." :)

Here's a close-up...