Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Opportunities...they just keepa knockin'!

I must be living a charmed life! It's like one exciting thing after another keeps coming my way! Today I got home from running errands and another company emailed and said they liked my Designer's Showcase and would like me to do "something" for them. She said to expect a call in the next few days to give me the details...hmmm...I wonder which project caught their eyes?
I've had several manufacturers ask if they could send me boxes of their products to use in my work..."why of course", I always respond!
And did I tell you that "Creative TECHniques" (an artsy/techy magazine) has asked me to write a regular column! Oh my gosh! It'll be based on my "How'd She Do That?" series, but with a digital twist. First column will be released on my birthday...next summer.

All this has happened since I got BACK from CHA...I guess I can say the show was a success! And the Designer's Showcase is kinda like that pink bunny...it just keeps on giving and giving...err, something like that!

Right now, I'm working on some design ideas for a line of stamps for a new stamp company!!! Watch for more announcements 'bout this!!! It's gonna be good!

Oh yeah, I saw the photo of the project I was doing for the Better Homes and Garden ad, and despite of all the struggles with humidity...not bad! The photographer made the votives look quite elegant. It'll be in a Christmas BH&G...I'll let you know when it's released.

So much excitement, so many deadlines…good thing I’m a list maker! Now, where’s my marker board?

I’ve been working on my studio…thinning out stuff…and you know that’s a tough thing to do for us collagy type! Oh, I might need that, or I could distress it and ink it and emboss it then it would be perfect, or I think I’ll use that for a project in the next decade! But, I’m trying to be good…gave a bunch of “stuff” to a friend of my daughter’s to use in her absolutely adorable baby’s scrapbook. I made a stack of stuff to add to my other stack of stuff to take to the Ronald McDonald House. Have a batch of stuff for ebay…and a large black trash bag. I’m getting some sort of perverse pleasure from filling that bag…it’s like a weigh is being lifted. Better get back to purging before the mood shifts….

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cha-show in Chi-town

Where to begin?

How could it be possible to feel this exhausted and this invigorated all at the same time? The show was amazing! I know you all wish you could have been there bumping into Tim, Elsie, Suze, Ali, all the editors, art directors, design team leaders, publishers. They were everywhere you looked. The hot new products, freebie samples, classes and incredible make-n-takes filled the huge show-floor. I wish you could have been there, also!

All I can say is … haunt your LSS until the Grungeboard, Cracklepaint, new paper lines, Tim’s ruler and retractable tools, hit the shelves. Watch for Hambly’s new Christmas Rub-ons and other new releases! Hambly's Allison was so much fun to meet and seemed quite pleased with how we used the "Hambly Yum" that she'd sent for us to use on our Designer Tablescape. Wait ‘til you see the new Mini-Scor-it, and the new and improved Tonic personal trimmer. You best be savin’ your money! And I didn't even mention the "Tattered Angels Shimmer Sprays"...oh my gosh!

The Designer's Showcase was a huge success and has opened many doors for more publications, and more design work. It was such a treat to meet, face to face, people I've been designing for and working with through the internet and over the phone lines. For those of you who contributed to the Make It in Minutes books, you'll be glad to know that they're being reviewed in magazines and maybe on a television broadcast...I'll keep you posted on the details.

Here's a little somethin' somethin' Tim, Candice and I whipped up with some of the new products he developed...lucky us!

Three cheesy gins! Tim begged to have his picture taken with us girls! :)

There were many exciting moments, but one of the best was when I showed the Designer for Cosmo Cricket one of my projects and she flipped out and said, "would you mind if we go show this to Tim?" ...Like I'd say, NO... It was a cool moment for me to have him admiring MY work!

Only 6 1/2 months 'til Winter CHA... I better get started now!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Has it been a month?!

Wow, I can't believe it's been a month since I posted. In that month I traveled lots of unexpected miles, witnessed miracles, faced challenges, won contests, landed a great design job, and now am rushing to get ready for CHA. Candice and I will be leaving less than two weeks! My business cards and giant postcards (which will have to serve as my press kits this for this go 'round) are ordered, I've designed and purchased materials for my showcase display, and I'm working through some challenges with a design project...
So I read the instructions and they say something like this. Use this product at temperatures between 50*-85* in very low humidity...well HELLO...I live in Memphis TN and it's JULY! Some how I WILL make this work, and I WILL have them in the mail by tomorrow! And I WILL be ready to teach my class on Saturday...I just know I can make this happen because, there are bigger challenges in life and I recently witnessed them being conquered.

It's good to be back!