Sunday, May 27, 2007

Buffalo River Here we come...

The Kayaks are strapped on, the ice chest is loaded, we've got sunscreen and bug spray, tents and bedding. I've packed a few projects and plan to make 30 art charms, do some writing for the upcoming zine, some journaling,and maybe bind a book or two. I'm hoping to come back refreshed enough to tackle the busy months ahead. We're off for our great Kayaking adventure at day-break. I'll be back on line with some pics to share in about a week. See you "downstream."

Life Lesson #502

They grow up too darn fast. But, they still know how to embarrass me in the grocery store. I guess I didn't teach them "Life Lesson #502" very well. That should NOT speak about hemorrhoid cream and other such personal care products loudly in a grocery store in order to humiliate one's mother and father. I'll just add this...If they were younger they'd be grounded for life.

They used to be so cute when they were little.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've been BUSY...Really I have.

Some days creative energy flows on it's own...some days it feels forced. Most of the last two days it's been really hard work to do this job I do. Then something just gave way, and the juices began to flow again...maybe it was the words of encouragement from my art buddy, Candice, or maybe it was the treat she brought me from Starbucks, YUMM-O. At any rate...I finished up two projects and am feeling eager to finish two more in the morning. I'd post pictures, but the projects I'm working on are for a Designer's Challenge sponsored by Krylon. I can't say too much, but believe it or not there is NO Chestnut Roan involved! Maybe the lack of creative juice was just withdrawl.

Then there's this incredible project I'm collaborating with three other designers to create for CHA (Industry Trade Show), an "Over The Top" Tablescape with Old World Romance as our theme. We have the most amazing colors, and materials to work with....this is gonna be good. There will be pictures the end of July. The thought of this table makes my heart swoon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Double-Dog Dare #1

I've been teaching a Paper Crafts Challenges Series at Eclectica, my LSS, and the students take dares that stretch their skills, styles, and minds to new extremes. I've been amazed at the projects they've brought back to class that often far exceed all expectations. I will begin posting weekly "Double-Dog Dares" on this blog so you can all play along. Should you be "MAN/WOMEN ENOUGH" to take my project dares, I'd love to have you email me a jpeg of your project to post in this blog for everyone to see. No matter what your medium of choice is, whether it is ATCs, layouts, cardmaking, stamping, altered arts...whatever, let me see how you apply the challenge to your craft/art.

Here's the first dare...

What do you wish? For yourself, for someone you love, for the future, for the world. Express your wish in your art. Maybe that means make a layout with the heading "I wish" or a handmade journal for writing down your wishes, maybe an ATC with that as a's your art.

For each jpeg I receive from the Double-Dog Dares your name will go into a hat and there will be a drawing for something...something good...I promise. Maybe something I make, maybe something special I discover at the upcoming trade'll just have to "enter" to find out what it will be. We'll have a drawing at the end of July. That gives you plenty of time to throw some pics my way. Now go get busy.... I WISH you luck and creative energy!

So I mentioned in a previous post...that I'd best not be given a weedeater for Mother's Day...well I got 46 bags of bark mulch instead. What came with it was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears from my sweet hubby. I've not been much for gardening the last couple of years, so the weeds were thriving...actually they were blooming quite nicely, but something had to be done. I happen to be married to the hardest working man I know, so he hooked me up with cleaned and tilled flower beds that have much nicer curb appeal than they did the day before Mother's Day.

Life Lesson # 501

When cleaning your bathroom, always put your scrubbing bubbles away when finished...NEVER leave it next to your hairspray! Or, I could say...Make sure you are holding the correct can of spray before closing your eyes and applying to head!

I'll leave the rest of the story to your imagination!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

May Book Arts

Check out this unusual book we'll be creating in the next Book Arts Class on May 26th...

Book Arts Workshop with Roxi- The Scrolling Book $26
Saturday, May 26th at 10:30am-about 3:00pm with break

Incorporate the ancient form of documentation on scrolls into this very unusual book. This form will be a delight to create and the unexpected twist will surprise your readers. In addition to your basic class tool kit, please bring a craft knife with extra blades and a cutting mat.

Are they kidding...

Buy me a weed eater for mother's day and see what happens!

Actually...I have an affection for that new orange mower in our garage! And I do enjoy some yard work...when it's not 90 degrees by 9am. Remind me again why we live in Tennessee...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Beauty in the Garden

Take your breath away beautiful!

Makes me want to plant something!

After a planning session we tip toed through the irises with Laurie...hmmm where are those tulips anyway?

We call this research! Candice and I will be teaching Nature Art classes at the Botanic Garden in Memphis. Our first event will be an all day workshop where we will create something artisic to stimulate your mind, something to soothe your body and something to feed your soul. You won't want to miss this one. Details will be available soon.