Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving Thanks

Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving! We're on our way to Virginia, along with all the other (crazy) people who will be on the road tomorrow. We're hoping and praying to stay ahead of the storms! Remember, between stuffing the bird and stuffing your face, to take a minute to remember everything you have to be thankful for and count your blessings! Love to you all!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Artistic Outpost

I mounted several plates of stamps over the last few days, most of which are from Artistic Outpost's new stamp line. One of the plates is Thai Buddha, which I used for the collage below. I couldn't help but think about our sweet little exchange student from Thailand while I was stamping these images. Did you know the skinny Buddha is Thailand's Buddha? That's just one of the many things I learned from Bow's short stay with us. Having three exchange students from around the world (Martin from the Czech Republic, Camilla from Brazil, and Bow from Thailand, reminded us that everyone on this earth is connected, that we are all the same yet different, just like a big family. They opened our eyes and broadened our views in ways we never could have anticipated! I hear from each of them now and then...they all call me their "American Mom." They will always have a special place in my heart...my other kids. And tomorrow is Camilla's 19th birthday...Happy Birthday, sweetie!

I love surprises!

A normally uneventful trip to the mailbox made my day! I was greeted by a package from Oxford Impressions, one of my favorite stamp companies (a girl can have lots of favorites...right?) There was a note attached that said, "Don't feel obligated to use these....but if they fit into your art..." Of course they fit into my art, and I have a perfect opportunity to use them today! Nineteen artist trading cards, which are due tomorrow morning, will be graced by these beautiful images. Thanks so much Suzanne!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beeswax Fun!

Here's a picture of the fun ornaments we'll be creating in my upcoming December workshop at Eclectica Scrapbooks and Stamps. If you've been anxious to work with beeswax and you love collage this will be a great class for you.

Beeswax Collage Ornaments Workshop

Saturday, December 1 at 10:30 AM -- $26 Instructor: Roxi
The sweet scent of beeswax will fill the air when we create FIVE collaged ornaments that are sure to become treasured family heirlooms. We will create collages on all sides and edges of these dimensional ornaments with holiday papers and images. The ornaments will receive a coat of natural beeswax and will be topped off with a wire work hanger and metal charms. In addition to your basic class kit, please bring a craft knife with extra blades and a metal-edged ruler. Please note: This is a workshop length class

What's keeping me out of mischief these days...

I often hear..."so what are you up to lately?" So I thought that even though I can't post pics of things I'm submitting, I can tell you a little bit about them. I was recently asked to create an ensemble for the hit show "Project Runway" on behalf of Krylon. I don't get Bravo network so I'd never seen the show before, but now I see the advertisements everywhere and Heidi Klum on every talk show. So if you see an episode with spray painted fashion as the challenge...maybe, just maybe my submissions did the trick! Now, I gotta get Bravo network asap!
I have several things in publications right now, including the ad you might see in several Christmas edition magazines including Better Homes and Gardens, Crafts-n-Things and other places Krylon advertises. The candlelit votives are mine. In Crafts-n-Things I also have a wine box and a calendar set. In Michael's in store magazine, "Imagine," I have a sugar cookie tray, a Joy mantel piece and a set of gift tags. In Creative Home Arts I have a Fall frame and candle set...that's my little brother and his wife in the pumpkin patch.
Right now I'm working on some design team projects for Artistic Outpost and some design work for Colorbox for use in their ads and in their CHA booth.
Along with three of my favorite artist friends and fellow CHA designers, Candice, Melony, and Ronnie I'm working on a Fashion crafting display for the big Winter CHA (industry trade show) that will be in Anaheim in February. Our theme is "Mommy and Me," and we have a really fun design planned for our display...more to follow, think Anthropology, think retro...and those are your only hints for now!
I'm also honored to be helping a very good friend with "Save the Date" magnets and cards for their son's upcoming wedding...they're only sending 300!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family First this year

It seems that I'm so busy with assignments this time of year that regretfully my handmade family gifts get put on the back burner...you know the story about the shoemaker's children... this year I am determined that I'll make a few things for gifts and still meet all my other deadlines! I set up shop downstairs and made several handmade holiday planners for some special people in my life. Here is a sneak peek....I have several projects I MUST get to now, but I enjoyed creating so much that it was a great reminder to do art just for pure pleasure, every chance I get!

Oh and yes...those are cleared off counters under the books...I found them the other day...while devoting a day to cleaning and organizing my studio... they were right where I'd left them!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Design Teams, etc.

I've never been real big on design teams...honored to be asked, but have always had so much work that I didn't really have time to work for product...I need cold hard cash. That is until my good friend, Robyn started up her own line of stamps and related products. When she asked for me to be on her team I had to say yes! Artistic Outpost is creating their own original rubber stamp plates and carrying a good variety of art supplies. Be sure to check out their online store, visit their gallery and watch for their products to be featured in upcoming magazines.