Thursday, June 30, 2011

Designer's Craft Connection: iLove to Create challenge

Fun new product!

For this month’s challenge, the Designer’s Craft Connection has partnered up with iLovetoCreate for a new product challenge! Thirty of us were provided with a fun new product called, Beads in a Bottle by Tulip. We’ve each created a unique project to share with all of our readers. On July 1st, start here and then use the link in my side-bar to hop along to the next fabulous design!

I love to leave a little somethin’ behind when I’m visiting family or have stopped by to visit at a friend’s home. When I was dreaming up something fun and unique to do with the Beads in a Bottle, I thought of these sweet little message stones and how much fun it would be to tuck one here and there under the leaves in a potted plant or in a garden amongst the basil. Finding one of these, when you least expect it, would surely put a smile on your face!


*Beads in a Bottle by Tulip
*Flat stones
*Krylon Indoor/Outdoor spray paint in light colors
*Krylon Chalkboard spraypaint
*Permanent marker


1. Clean and dry flat stones
2. Spray paint stones with Krylon spray paints and/or chalkboard paint; allow to dry.
3. Embelllish stones with Beads in a Bottle leaving space in the center for message; allow to dry.
4. Use permanent marker to write message or inspirational word on face of stone. Use chalk to write erasable message on stones painted with chalkboard paint.

iLove to Create has generously offered a giant giveaway to a lucky follower of the Designer’s Craft Connection blog hop. Check here

  Visit here for all the details about how you can enter for a chance at this amazing stack of creative goodness!

For more BEADS in a BOTTLE inspiration be sure to check out their video here.

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