Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Chicken or the EGG!

I can hardly contain my egg-citement!!! One of our babies laid her first egg this morning! Only a fellow chicken lover can truly appreciate such a glorious day! I'm waiting with bated breath for our first blue egg!

RockCandy Studios Haunted House Kit

Here it is... a fun project to get your creative mojo revved up and ready to go this Halloween season. We've assembled lots of interesting elements, collage images and a detailed instruction sheet! Just add your imagination, a few dabs of glue, a bit of ink and a couple other common supplies to create your own Halloween decor piece! Click here to purchase the kit for only $16!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everything Grandbaby!

The little family! Chris, Sarah and Tonka at about 20 weeks. The baby's due date is New Year's Eve. What a way to bring in 2010!


Granted I may be a bit biased, but is that not the sweetest little profile you've ever seen!?

Bob built a sweet little cradle when we were expecting Jenn, and each of our babies slept in it as newborns. He disassembled it and is using parts to create a cradle for each of our kids as they start their families. Chris and Sarah's cradle has rockers from the original. I designed and sewed the bedding ensemble for the cradle which included pieces of eyelet from my wedding dress. The only thing missing is the sweet little bundle that will fill it.

Bob kept this little picture nearby as inspiration. The baby in the cradle is Chris with big sister Jenni standing guard. She was 17 months old in this snapshot.

Get Creative!

I was honored to be asked for an artist interview for the 5th birthday issue of this wonderful magazine from Australia/New Zealand. I would have been willing to make (an all expenses paid) trip to do the interview in person... if only! My copy arrived yesterday and what a beautiful magazine it is! Check out their website at

Get Creative
highlighted my book "Make it in Minutes: Party Favors and Hostess Gifts" I created two projects exclusively for the issue. The first was herbed sea salt in an embellished bottle to be used as a hostess gift. I picked fresh basil from my garden and blended it with the salt in my Vitamix. It was bright and fresh looking and tasting! I took it to a neighbor as a little gift. The party favors were little travel candles I created using metal favor tins. I embellished the outside of the round tins and matchboxes with decorative paper. I nestled tea-lights inside each tin surrounded by a bit of rock salt and tied it all together with a coordinating ribbon.

It's been a day or two...

How have I let so much time lapse without an update? Since I last posted I found out I'm going to be a Grandma for the first time, learned that the baby is a little girl, designed and made a bedding ensemble for the beautiful cradle my talented hubby built for this new family addition, I planted and tended a lovely garden, raised baby chicks, gathered lots of eggs and harvest lots of fresh organic veggies, helped put down wood floors in our house, took a couple trips, did some painting around our home including our big deck, welcomed our youngest daughter back home for a semester to finish her degree and cooked under the Southern sun! I've thought about this blog. I've contemplated interesting and profound things to write about on here and I've taken pictures with the intention of posting regularly.... well, I'm back. Surely by now my readership has dwindled to... well, probably just my Mom... but here's to starting again!