Monday, March 31, 2008

My new toy...

Pazzles Inspiration...ahh, what can I say but "I'm in Love!" Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, but not that bad...and so worth the time it takes to learn the ropes. This baby takes whatever I've designed on the computer and cuts it out, scores it, engraves or embosses it...she will even draw it for me with any pen I give her! Love, love, love this machine...and the fact that I got her for wholesale makes me love her even more!

Here are the "Save the Dates" that my hubby and I designed for our Son's wedding. These are the first things we designed on the Pazzles, besides on the tutorials. We've (Pazzles and I) cut out about 80 so far, and going strong with about 40 more to cut.

My DH is working hard helping to assemble all of these. He's in charge of setting eyelets with the Cropodile. What a good guy! I see him with tears in his eyes often when speaking of the wedding day. We feel truly blessed to be welcoming Sarah into our family.

These should be mailed in a week, after hand addressing them all. Then onto prototypes for the invitations! I'm so blessed that my sweet daughter-in-law to be and my son are including us so much. I recently heard that the job of the "Mother of the Groom" was to "Show-up, Shut-up and wear beige!" I'm not that kind of MOTG, in case you didn't know!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The "You Make My Day Award" goes to...

These are some of the blogs that I read over my first Cup O' Joe every morning. These are some of the friends that I turn to for inspiration, a good laugh, a spirit-boost and girlfriendship.

Candice Windham
Ronnie Goff
Michelle Wilkenson
Marci Lambert
Lauren Ferguson-Nwachukwu
Diane Adams
Robyn Sharp
Megan R.
Tricia Martin
Cindy Shipman

So, the rules for the “You Make My Day” award:

Re-present it to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times, and if you do, consider yourself really, really loved.

Today's the Day....

....I've been waiting for! The man in brown will be bringing my brand spankin' new, hot off the press PAZZLES INSPIRATION! I'm trying to knock out a few jobs before it arrives so I can play 'til my heart's content. I saw this machine demoed at CHA and knew it would be mine...Love at first sight! I even ordered all the tools!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm it! You're next....

I was tagged by Marci a few days ago and thought I'd play along...

I was asked to write seven random things about myself, then tag seven other bloggers to do the same. So here goes....

1. Lived on a fairgrounds when I was a baby and could ride a horse by myself when I was only two!

2. Moved at least 12 times since we got married and have lived in 6 states.

3. Lived in Hawaii for 4 years...moved there with one baby...came back with three!

4. Won best in show in a high school art show for a dry brush still life...I still have it.

5. Had a pig named Cyrano (...get it? Cyrano loved a girl named Roxanne:) and a lamb named Lega (...get it?...Lega Lamb :) I have a very clever Mom!

6. Love "Little House on the Prairie" reruns. And the first thick book I ever read was "The Little House in the Big Woods." My youngest daughter's named is Laura Elizabeth...after some relatives AND "half pint."

7. Been on the set of "The Price is Right" and watched Bob Barker award cars to two friends.

You're It..... If your name is not on this along anyway...cause I'm tagging you too!

Sarah M.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

Our home under a blanket of March snow....

Everything was so bright that I woke up extra early this morning! What a beautiful day! I used to bundle us all up and go out to build snow beings, make snow angels and throw a few snowballs. I'd sneak in ahead of the kids and make HOMEMADE hot cocoa...not the powdered stuff...real milk sugar,cocoa and a dash of vanilla, then top it with miniature marshmallows (Laura's favorite part). I'd call the kids in, throw their clothes in the dryer in prep for the next round and warm them up with some chocolate goodness. I always loved kissing their freezing cheeks and noses! ...Repeat until kids are worn completely out and everything is too cold and wet to go on! We'd pull out all the quilts and snuggle while we'd watch some corny movie...sweet memories! Snow days are the best especially when the schools and businesses have to close!

To think that last Sunday it was 77 degrees and people were running around in shorts and convertibles had their tops down! Memphis in March...always interesting for sure. Hey, better than the tornados we had last month...I'll take the white stuff any day!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Unexpected Blessings!

What a bitter-sweet week it's been! I've been able to reconnect with some long lost relatives including an Aunt, and two Sisters and their can never have too many sisters, ya know! I wasn't raised with that side of the family, but always longed to know them. On a sad note, I found out that my natural Father passed away several years ago. So many times I thought that I needed to reach out and get to know him...this is a big lesson in "Carpe Diem." So now the fun begins...we'll get to know each other, share pictures and hopefully get together over the summer. I can't begin to tell you how full my heart is at this moment! And my drive to get moved back to my "Homeland" in the Pacific Northwest is stronger than ever!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's all their fault!

These are the original scrapbooking buds that got me hooked several years ago. We traveled to a few Scrapbooker's Dream Vacations (SDVs) together...didn't get much done, but laughed so hard our sides hurt! Today we reminisced and caught up with each others lives and news. It was so good to get together again.... We won't talk about our lunch/service experience! Let's just say we had a solid two hour visit, which would have been cut short had we received our lunches in a timely fashion or as we ordered them....nuff said! My girlfriends, old and new and my vault buds are so special to me...and my sanity. Love you all!

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Try get in the Easter spirit

I wish I had a picture but I haven't made mine yet...but you should make these beautiful eggs for Easter this year. Trust me they'll be worth it! I used to make these with my pre-schoolers every year. I had a "thing" about decorating eggs in unusual ways, since I was fairly certain they'd be dying eggs with boxed dyes at home. Sometimes I miss teaching pre-school...loved the magic of working with children!


Gather onion skins...lots and any color. (I used to go to the market and ask the produce manager if I could clean the empty onion bins...the always let me)

You'll also need: eggs, muslin or cotton fabric scraps about 8" square, a bunch of rubber bands, various flat leaves and flowers (ferns and pansies are some of my faves), a big pot and water.

Lay a variety of leaves and petals on the fabric scrap, then lay the egg in the center and bring all edges together to wrap the egg. Secure with lots of rubber bands. Repeat with all eggs.

Place lots of onion skins in bottom of pot, gently lay wrapped eggs on skins and fill with water. Boil as if making hard-boiled eggs. When cooked, lift eggs out with a slotted spoon and allow to cool. Remove rubberbands and fabric to reveal the most amazing eggs. The colors from the plants will transfer to the eggs almost magically, and the natural dye from the onion skin leaves rich earthy tones. Truly one of my favorite Easter activities to share with children!

I'm saving onion skins and will be making a few (for the kid in me) and will post a picture...eventually. Enjoy!