Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Nothing like a natural disaster to put perspective on things! I've been so wrapped up in getting everything ready for the big show...then mother nature blows up a storm to change my focus. The weather people made statements like..."this is SEVERE and we don't say that lightly. You need to take cover immediately! Put your shoes on and take your ID to the center of your house, NOW!" Take my ID? Who am I going to show it to? I guess its in case I get knocked in the head and forget who I am. Fortunately our home was just outside of the danger zone, (people say my small town is protected by a ridge that runs along the mighty Mississippi)...so I just watched closely. I grew up with an occasional rattle from an earthquake, but these tornados FREAK me out! I gathered the necessities into our half-bath...just in case the three dogs and I had to take cover. The best place to be would have been under the staircase...but that would have meant cleaning out all the stuff I store in there. We have a couple more rounds of tornados to get through over the night, but I think the worst has past. Now we're hearing reports of damage, injuries, houses that have disappeared, mall collapses, a roof on a freeway, overturned trucks and packed emergency rooms.... I need to hear from my friends! I want to know that everyone is OK...so for now I just pray and wait. All of a sudden it doesn't matter so much if I get my portfolio updated. A wake up call to give me perspective about what is REALLY important!


Michelle W said...

It was really great hearing your voice last night. Glad you all weathered the storm.

marci lambert said...

hey roxi! hope the rest of the night was uneventful. we're fine, the house and yard are fine. but it was scary for a while!