Thursday, June 12, 2008

RockCandy Trinkets & Treasures...and Twitter

Many of you may have heard about our newest adventure...RockCandy Trinkets & Treasures, Unusual Art Supplies for the Mixed Media Artist. We will be launching our on-line store on Aug. 1st at We attended Artiscape in Jackson TN last weekend and debuted our wares. We were greeted with great enthusiam by the artists who were in our booth picking out goodies even while we were still setting up. I underestimated just how hungry artists were for our treasures! We thought long and hard about all the art goodies we look for, but have difficulty finding and decided to make them more available through online sales and at artist retreats. I guess we were onto something big! Thanks to all who gave us such a great kick-off and inspiration!

Candice and I taught a class loaded with background techniques to use as bases for collage work. The students used shipping tags to "play" around with the techniques and then were given a bag of trinkets and treasures along with a basic collage lesson. They then created a collaged tag and entered it in a contest. The group voted on the winner...which ended in a tie between...

Robyn Sharp

and Terrie Whitehurst.

The previous post has a sampling of some of the amazing tag collage entries.

Twitter....have you heard of this latest techy mini-bloggy idea that's taking the internet by storm? Check it out. My twitter is at

Off to Oregon.... :) Family, cool weather, crisp sweet air...can't wait!

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