Thursday, January 1, 2009

Seeds are hope for the future!

I spent New Years eve searching for seed catalogs.... and loved it! Cheers!

Back when I was a "domestic goddess" I was a also a gardener. I think it's time to get my garden clogs muddy again. I get such satisfaction from gathering our eggs and cooking food that I know personally! Think of the money we can save, the satisfaction of gathering what we raise, the benefits of eating locally, the Vitamin D from the sunshine and the pure deliciousness of real organic Frrreesshh food!
We were looking at some old videos of when our kids were little and we lived in the Pacific Northwest. I had such fun reminiscing about a raised bed garden I made with the kids while Bob was on a Navy deployment. In the video we were trying to keep the bunnies out by building a barrier with tree branch posts and chicken wire fencing. The kids were stuffing their sleeves with straw and pretending to be scarecrows as they ran up and down the straw-filled pathways. Ahh... such sweet memories!
Bob and I decided we'll have several raised beds with some sort of self-watering system in place. Where I come from our self-watering system came from Mother Nature.... here in Tennessee, she needs extra help! I've been perusing the internet to find the best organic seed catalogs available, along with ideas and suggestions about raised bed gardening. I've ordered several catalogs and will be haunting the mailbox until they are delivered, then devouring them until they're dog-eared. I think I'll have to beg some advice about gardening in the south from a local organic farmer.

Now to stay focused on my tasks at hand... several freelance projects in preparation for the upcoming CHA trade show in late January. But... when I get back... you'll find me in the garden! I'll be the one with the hoe!

I love the anticipation of Springtime!.... my very favorite season of all!


Michelle Murphy said...

boy great minds are thinking alike..i have been turning the ideal over in my head to get my big raised bed back in business this year..i have found a place to get barrells to use for watering..that is what i am going to use i am hopeing this year..but with me doing the work it takes a little long for some projects:D I have the post hole digger ready to set my clothes line back up this year too

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.