Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That thing called LOVE!

Better than a dozen roses, a box of chocolates or a sexy nightie, my sweet man built me 5 raised garden beds for Valentine's Day. I love that guy! I took these pictures from an upstairs bedroom window. I think I'll take a series over the year to track our garden trials and tribulations.

A few weekends ago, Bob built some pretty nice digs for our backyard hens. You can see the coop on the far right-hand side of this picture. They seem quite comfy with the new set-up! We'll be adding to the chicken family over the next couple weeks. Soon we'll have a whole rainbow of eggs and an array of organic veggies. Come by for dinner sometime. I'm sure the menu will include vegetable frittatas!


Michelle Murphy said...

i am sooooo jealous..they beds are looking great and i love the new hen house..i will be getting busy to get mine done since i don't have a sweetie to do mine for me:D

Hope that all went well with your test today..

Subriagirl said...

Oh Bob, how you outshine the rest of the fellas! Quit it! Roxi is already SPOILED enough thank you!
Lots of prayers! Ronnie