Monday, March 23, 2009

We've got the fever!

Spring fever, that is! Actually, I came down with it back in January when the seed catalogues began pouring in. As you've read in a previous post, Bob built beautiful raised bed boxes back in February. We finally had garden dirt mix delivered a couple days ago. 15 cubic yards to be exact.... didn't look like much, 'til you're shoveling it into wheel barrows and moving it, load by load down the driveway and to the garden. Several blisters and many sore muscles later, Bob managed to fill all the beds! I helped a little, but Bob did 90% of the heavy lifting. My man always amazes me with his dedication to completing tasks and his willingness to work his butt off... literally! Some people might do this job over a series of days, not Bob. Once he starts there's not stopping him!

Before the beds could be filled, they were tilled and the grass shoveled out, which, hopefully, will cut down our weed production!

Beds filled with Garden Mix. Compost will be next. Planting to follow in a couple weeks.

We started seeds under grow lights on our breakfast table. Bob rigged up a frame to hold grow lights over seed trays.

Our first sprouts in only three days. Micro-greens! I see a tender salad in our very near future.


Shelly Hickox said...

Everything looks great! Your chickens are so pretty. Did you get your chicks yet?

We just started our raised beds. Got one done yesterday and Dan brought a load of dirt home today. One down, 5 to go! We put cardboard down first and are hoping that takes care of the weeds. I've heard newspaper works well too.

Michelle Murphy said...

once you put your plants in you can lay newspaper down and that will help with the weeds..your man is great..your little sprouts are looking great

Subriagirl said...

Great work you two! It's a good thing Bob has a DAY job where he can go to rest! haha. Roxi, everything looks great.....can't wait to see the beds producing it's long awaited fruits of your labor. huggs,ronnie

Lifestyle 180° said...
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Roxi Phillips said...

Shelly- I know that works, either newspaper or cardboard. We decided to leave the bottoms open to allow us to intermingle the soils. I've read it helps with the root systems.

BeckyH said...

ohhh, the garden is going to be so nice! I thought about doing raised beds and then realized I am a "pot planter"! ha

Anonymous said...

You have done a great job..nice to do plantation...keep going..

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