Monday, November 15, 2010

Time with Daughters... Priceless!

Daughters...everyone should have at least one! (or one to borrow!) Lucky me, I have been blessed with two! ... and a daughter-in-law, to boot! And recently, a week and a half to spend with the two I raised!

Leading my way, Autumn leaves drifted onto the roadway reminding me of a flower girl dropping petals down the aisle to lead a bride to her sweetie. Traveling through the Blue Ridge Mountains is truly spectacular this time of year! And my destination, even sweeter!

Although I can’t claim to be a vegetarian, we eat many meatless meals at our house. I’m married to a successful hunter, so we have a freezer loaded with plenty of totally organic totally delicious wild game and we will eat organically grown, humanly raised pastured meats. We’ve taken time to learn what goes on in our country’s food industry... and folks... it ain’t pretty! If you are interested in learning more, start by reading this and watching this.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the girls and I took a Vegetarian Thanksgiving cooking class at Mise en Place in Richmond, Virginia. Surrounded by a dozen foodies and lead by a very talented Chef, we made a feast “to die for.”

I thought to take a few pictures while we worked together in this well-equipped classroom, but totally forgot to snap some shots of the beautiful food we’d prepared. Sorry. But let me tell missed the Turkey or the Ham one iota! How could you when there is so much to be thankful for on a menu like this...

-Onion Leek Tart with Fresh Tarragon
-Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Vegetable Gravy
-Acorn Squash stuffed with Brown and Wild Rice, Cranberries and toasted walnuts
-Mushroom Spinach Galette
-Fresh Sauteed Kale with garlic
-Ginger Orange Cranberry Tarts for dessert
and plenty of wine!

What a festive flavorful meal! I think we’ll have some added traditions from this delightful time with my girls!

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*~*Laura*~* said...

MOM!!! I just read this for the first time.. this entire post means so much to me! I love the links you placed on there as well! You really are the best.. I love you!