Thursday, March 3, 2011

Designer's Craft Connection

So inspired by the blog-hop we participated in a few months back, several designers decided to keep it going! With our blogs linked together by the widget in our sidebars you can easily move back and forth through the series of participating blogs.

Every month, beginning on March 13th, we'll be posting something handmade or inspired by a specific theme. With wedding season fast approaching and a certain royal wedding in all the news, we decided we'd start with weddings as our very first theme. You can check back on the 13th and move through the series of blogs to peruse many "love"ly designs!

As a kick-off for the exciting Designer's Craft Connection there will be an amazing giveaway... a Cricut Expression! Just hop around the Designer Crafts Connection ring and locate the 9 blogs that are displaying the Cricut bug logo. List them in the comment section of Julie McGuffee’s blog to be entered in the drawing to win!

As part of this exciting kick-off we decided to share a bit about what we saw and/or were inspired by at the recent Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. Here are a few snapshots of what inspired me and I would I'd like to share with you.


Madeline said...

I wish I could have attended, but in all the photos that I have seen from the show, plus yours - I like what I see!

Michelle Cummings said...

I was at CHA too! But I like seeing what other people took photo's of and I like your "snap shots"!

Cindylu2u said...

Fabulous photo of CHA, so many different items!!

Brenda said...

I love your photos. Thanks for sharing.