Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weddings Galore!

This is a big summer for weddings! We have THREE, amongst our special friends, all in the course of one month... then, of course, there's that one on the other side of the "pond." When the team for the Designer Craft Connection decided weddings would be our theme for this month's blog-hop, I was delighted! As we "speak" I'm in the process of creating proto-types for two sets of wedding invitations I'll be making over the next few weeks. I also have the honor of creating three hand-bound and stitched wedding guest books for the events I mentioned before. (Not the royal wedding, mind you, the other three!)

A couple years ago our son, Chris, married our beautiful daughter-in-LOVE, Sarah. It was truly one of the most joyous days of my life! We are crafty people (the good kind of crafty), so much of the wedding was DIY. Sarah made her own table decorations, her bridesmaids did her floral arrangements and bouquets, Sarah's Mom decorated their cake and they allowed my hubby and I the great honor of creating many other items for the wedding. We made their Save-the-Date cards, their invitations, ceremony programs, aisle decorations, guest book, and garter. I think the day was extra sweet, especially with all of the personal touches that went into it!

Here are a few pix of this blessed event...

The happy couple near the end of their wedding reception.

The assembly line for the 200 invitations!

You don't quite understand how many 200 is until you start addressing and stamping those puppies!

The programs for their ceremony were embellished with an arrow though a heart, which was symbolic because Chris is an archer.

I had the honor of making Sarah's garter, which is a very special tradition in our family. It was her something blue and included a button from my wedding dress. Stitched inside were two pennies, each from the birth year of the bride and groom, just as my grandmother did in mine. The pink garter is a purchased one for tossing.

The handsome groom and his very proud Mom!

One of MANY kisses!

The hand-bound guest book I made for them, included a photo printed on canvas for the cover. We had a photographer take a black and white photo of each guest/couple/family who attended and they wrote a note on a separate piece of paper that had been pre-printed with a journalling block. The photos were later printed and added to the book with the note for the attendees. There are extra pages in the back of the book to be used at future milestone anniversary parties.

(Pardon my teeny pictures... long story short... computer issues)


Subriagirl said...

Love it Roxi!

Melony said...

Roxi- thanks for sharing these real life photos of "your" wedding. I really loved that your incorporated the arrow through the heart for the groom.

Julie McGuffee said...

Lump in my throat moment. Things like this are priceless - they can never be "bought" even with a Mastercard.

Eileen Hull said...

How cool Roxi! I know what you mean about 200 invitations not seeming like a lot until you start putting them together though :-) Looks like a beautiful wedding!

milkcan said...

I cannot believe that you made 200 invitations! WOW!

Jess @ House Sweet Home said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and the comment! All of your pictures are so beautiful! And I truly love the garter idea. How sweet.