Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mind, Body and Soul

What a beautiful day we had yesterday! Kindred spirits, a glorious morning nature walk in the garden to gather foliage and inspiration, an abundance of art supplies, and a full day to play...doesn't get much better than that.

Some of the treasures we gathered and used in our projects...

For our Souls... Watercolored banners glistened with shimmery mica sprays as they dried on all available surfaces in the room. Once dried they were hung from freshly gathered twigs, and were decorated with beautiful ribbons, and nature/art related inspirational quotes.

For our Bodies... With fragrant essential oils, beautiful colorants and other special ingredients we created the most lovely bath salts packaged in tubes with tinted text, leaves, blossoms, and shells all bundled and wrapped together beautifully with twine and tags.

For our Minds... We hand-stitched journals using natural papers, yummy fibers and special embellishments. These little treasures are perfect for holding notes from the day, gardening notes, or personal thoughts.

We had such an enjoyable time together and the projects turned out so lovely that Memphis Botanic Garden has asked us to repeat the workshop, only this time as a three part evening series so that it will fit more people's work schedules. I'll keep you posted with dates and details, in case you're interested.

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Michelle W said...


I must say that yesterday was a wonderful way to start off my week. I think that you and your sister(lol) have a great thing going. You both are a great inspiration and firend to me. I will cheer and help you guys any way I can. Thanks for the great day.