Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

No goblins at my house tonight! We lived in military housing for so many years and would literally have hundreds of costume cuties come a knockin'...sure is different here! I got so excited when I heard our one and only knock at the door...grabbed the big bowl of treats and opened the door expecting to see little guys yelling "Trick-or-Treat," but instead it was the sweet college-aged daughter of our great friends bringing us a dish filled with homemade goodies! The cutest little sugar cookies that look like candy corns...adorable and tasty!

I guess we're in those in between years...our kids our young adults, making us empty nesters...with no Grandbabies yet. These days are challenging me...the little girl who only wanted to be a Mommy when she grew up now has to figure out who she is all over again and what her purpose is right now. But, that's OK...I'll figure it all out...for now I'm liking this freelance artist/author gig! And with no kids around we can run around the house in our undies all we want! Now there's a scary thought...Happy Halloween!

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