Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's keeping me out of mischief these days...

I often hear..."so what are you up to lately?" So I thought that even though I can't post pics of things I'm submitting, I can tell you a little bit about them. I was recently asked to create an ensemble for the hit show "Project Runway" on behalf of Krylon. I don't get Bravo network so I'd never seen the show before, but now I see the advertisements everywhere and Heidi Klum on every talk show. So if you see an episode with spray painted fashion as the challenge...maybe, just maybe my submissions did the trick! Now, I gotta get Bravo network asap!
I have several things in publications right now, including the ad you might see in several Christmas edition magazines including Better Homes and Gardens, Crafts-n-Things and other places Krylon advertises. The candlelit votives are mine. In Crafts-n-Things I also have a wine box and a calendar set. In Michael's in store magazine, "Imagine," I have a sugar cookie tray, a Joy mantel piece and a set of gift tags. In Creative Home Arts I have a Fall frame and candle set...that's my little brother and his wife in the pumpkin patch.
Right now I'm working on some design team projects for Artistic Outpost and some design work for Colorbox for use in their ads and in their CHA booth.
Along with three of my favorite artist friends and fellow CHA designers, Candice, Melony, and Ronnie I'm working on a Fashion crafting display for the big Winter CHA (industry trade show) that will be in Anaheim in February. Our theme is "Mommy and Me," and we have a really fun design planned for our display...more to follow, think Anthropology, think retro...and those are your only hints for now!
I'm also honored to be helping a very good friend with "Save the Date" magnets and cards for their son's upcoming wedding...they're only sending 300!

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