Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family First this year

It seems that I'm so busy with assignments this time of year that regretfully my handmade family gifts get put on the back burner...you know the story about the shoemaker's children... this year I am determined that I'll make a few things for gifts and still meet all my other deadlines! I set up shop downstairs and made several handmade holiday planners for some special people in my life. Here is a sneak peek....I have several projects I MUST get to now, but I enjoyed creating so much that it was a great reminder to do art just for pure pleasure, every chance I get!

Oh and yes...those are cleared off counters under the books...I found them the other day...while devoting a day to cleaning and organizing my studio... they were right where I'd left them!

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Michelle Wilkerson said...

The books look great. I am sure that the lucky people in your life will love them. Hope to see you Saturday.