Friday, November 16, 2007

Artistic Outpost

I mounted several plates of stamps over the last few days, most of which are from Artistic Outpost's new stamp line. One of the plates is Thai Buddha, which I used for the collage below. I couldn't help but think about our sweet little exchange student from Thailand while I was stamping these images. Did you know the skinny Buddha is Thailand's Buddha? That's just one of the many things I learned from Bow's short stay with us. Having three exchange students from around the world (Martin from the Czech Republic, Camilla from Brazil, and Bow from Thailand, reminded us that everyone on this earth is connected, that we are all the same yet different, just like a big family. They opened our eyes and broadened our views in ways we never could have anticipated! I hear from each of them now and then...they all call me their "American Mom." They will always have a special place in my other kids. And tomorrow is Camilla's 19th birthday...Happy Birthday, sweetie!


Michelle W said...

Thank goodness for new stamp plates. I used the Ava Marie for my ROTR swap.

Robyn Phelan Sharp said...

I'm so glad that you knew that the skinny buddha was the Thai Buddha...I learned that in Malaysia on business several years ago, and I think the ways they use their Buddha in their art, their religion, and their life is just beautiful.