Thursday, August 7, 2008

RockCandy Studios goes live!

We're so excited! Stop by and see our offerings! We have lots of the treasures that Mixed-Media artists often look for. We went on scavenger hunts to search out sources for the things that we love to use, but can't readily find. We launched just a few days ago and have had awesome support from happy customers who are excited to finally have a source for these items. We are adding products nearly everyday, with more to go online this afternoon.

We're working on a "sister" site that will house our projects gallery, video and pdf tutorials along with other "supporting acts" to our featured site. Our design team and other artist friends have created many amazing pieces using our products. These will surely spark your imaginations and get your muses stirring! I'll make another announcement when that site is up and running.

Here is a preview of some of the amazing projects coming to our gallery...

Dianne Adams

Joyce Shaver "Funny Guy"

Dianne Adams

Robyn Sharp

Barbara Rankin

Shelly Hickox

Joyce Shaver

Tricia Martin

Dianne Adams

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