Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Invitation production!

This is the one and only, nearly completed invitation! I have most of the components cut for the remainder of the 140+. I got the final thumbs up from the newlyweds last night... so here we go with the rest! Thank goodness Bob is good with my Pazzles machine. He helped me cut for hours yesterday... very good man!

I still need to print and emboss the text for the inside of the invites and design the tuck-ins for the pocket on the inside... RSVP card, directions, registry, accommodations etc.

It's a very special time... marrying off my son, especially because I love who he's chosen to be his wife. I'm so grateful that she's welcomed my contributions to the wedding. Just about two months 'til the wedding day!


Brenda Pinnick said...

beautiful! The bride and groom will surely be thrilled!

Shelly Hickox said...

These are gorgeous Roxi!

Michelle W said...

They are wonderful. You are so blessed to get to be in the mix of all the plans that says alot about "new" daughter.

Dianne Adams said...

Wow! The invitation is amazing.