Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everything Grandbaby!

The little family! Chris, Sarah and Tonka at about 20 weeks. The baby's due date is New Year's Eve. What a way to bring in 2010!


Granted I may be a bit biased, but is that not the sweetest little profile you've ever seen!?

Bob built a sweet little cradle when we were expecting Jenn, and each of our babies slept in it as newborns. He disassembled it and is using parts to create a cradle for each of our kids as they start their families. Chris and Sarah's cradle has rockers from the original. I designed and sewed the bedding ensemble for the cradle which included pieces of eyelet from my wedding dress. The only thing missing is the sweet little bundle that will fill it.

Bob kept this little picture nearby as inspiration. The baby in the cradle is Chris with big sister Jenni standing guard. She was 17 months old in this snapshot.

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Mike said...

Nice job on the cradle Bob, and very thoughtful to incorporate it into others. Check out my blogs and follow them if you like.