Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm it! You're next....

I was tagged by Marci a few days ago and thought I'd play along...

I was asked to write seven random things about myself, then tag seven other bloggers to do the same. So here goes....

1. Lived on a fairgrounds when I was a baby and could ride a horse by myself when I was only two!

2. Moved at least 12 times since we got married and have lived in 6 states.

3. Lived in Hawaii for 4 years...moved there with one baby...came back with three!

4. Won best in show in a high school art show for a dry brush still life...I still have it.

5. Had a pig named Cyrano (...get it? Cyrano loved a girl named Roxanne:) and a lamb named Lega (...get it?...Lega Lamb :) I have a very clever Mom!

6. Love "Little House on the Prairie" reruns. And the first thick book I ever read was "The Little House in the Big Woods." My youngest daughter's named is Laura Elizabeth...after some relatives AND "half pint."

7. Been on the set of "The Price is Right" and watched Bob Barker award cars to two friends.

You're It..... If your name is not on this along anyway...cause I'm tagging you too!

Sarah M.


Michelle W said...

I thought I was the only one that still liked to watch Little House reruns.

I responded to Marci's tag on my blog.

tricia said...

I will have to think on this for a bit and i will get back to you.

marci lambert said...

yay! you played!
i'm reading "big woods" to margret's class every week. we've already read all nine books in the series at home. love the ingalls!

Lauren Ferguson-Nwachukwu said...

I awarded you the "You Make My Day" award.

Check out my blog at for more info and to capture your award! :)