Saturday, March 8, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

Our home under a blanket of March snow....

Everything was so bright that I woke up extra early this morning! What a beautiful day! I used to bundle us all up and go out to build snow beings, make snow angels and throw a few snowballs. I'd sneak in ahead of the kids and make HOMEMADE hot cocoa...not the powdered stuff...real milk sugar,cocoa and a dash of vanilla, then top it with miniature marshmallows (Laura's favorite part). I'd call the kids in, throw their clothes in the dryer in prep for the next round and warm them up with some chocolate goodness. I always loved kissing their freezing cheeks and noses! ...Repeat until kids are worn completely out and everything is too cold and wet to go on! We'd pull out all the quilts and snuggle while we'd watch some corny movie...sweet memories! Snow days are the best especially when the schools and businesses have to close!

To think that last Sunday it was 77 degrees and people were running around in shorts and convertibles had their tops down! Memphis in March...always interesting for sure. Hey, better than the tornados we had last month...I'll take the white stuff any day!


Michelle W said...

I miss those days too. I had no one to go out and play with this morning either.

Glad you had a great week meeting your family.

marci lambert said...

i'm with you -- i'll pick snow over tornadoes anyday!