Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Try this....to get in the Easter spirit

I wish I had a picture but I haven't made mine yet...but you should make these beautiful eggs for Easter this year. Trust me they'll be worth it! I used to make these with my pre-schoolers every year. I had a "thing" about decorating eggs in unusual ways, since I was fairly certain they'd be dying eggs with boxed dyes at home. Sometimes I miss teaching pre-school...loved the magic of working with children!


Gather onion skins...lots and any color. (I used to go to the market and ask the produce manager if I could clean the empty onion bins...the always let me)

You'll also need: eggs, muslin or cotton fabric scraps about 8" square, a bunch of rubber bands, various flat leaves and flowers (ferns and pansies are some of my faves), a big pot and water.

Lay a variety of leaves and petals on the fabric scrap, then lay the egg in the center and bring all edges together to wrap the egg. Secure with lots of rubber bands. Repeat with all eggs.

Place lots of onion skins in bottom of pot, gently lay wrapped eggs on skins and fill with water. Boil as if making hard-boiled eggs. When cooked, lift eggs out with a slotted spoon and allow to cool. Remove rubberbands and fabric to reveal the most amazing eggs. The colors from the plants will transfer to the eggs almost magically, and the natural dye from the onion skin leaves rich earthy tones. Truly one of my favorite Easter activities to share with children!

I'm saving onion skins and will be making a few (for the kid in me) and will post a picture...eventually. Enjoy!