Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can you say, Domestic Goddess?

I made Marshmallows. I felt fancy.... for a quick minute.... 'til the caramel coating for these beautiful fluffy masterpieces totally flopped! Now I'm back down off my pedestal and cleaning up the sticky mess. I think the secret to these cubes of heavenly goodness was the fact the meringue was made from eggs still warm from the nest... literally the freshest possible! Thank you little Mommas!

These are for my sweet daughter who LOVES her marshmallows.

We're packing to head to North Carolina where we're meeting our girls and Trey, for an early Christmas celebration. Lots of loose ends to pull together...

Off to make merry!


Michelle Murphy said...

those look great..she will love them..have a safe trip and enjoy your girls.

Cyndi and Shelby said...

I have never heard of anyone making her own marshmellows. I kind of just thought they grew on trees in the Amazon. I'm very impressed!

Once my cousin Elizabeth Mallory told me her brother Marshall was going to start going by Marsh--Marsh Mallory. Thankfully he reconsidered.

Merry Christmas!


Dianne Adams said...

Wow! I also hadn't heard of homemade marshmallows. They look yummy. Have a wonderful time with your family!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.