Sunday, December 14, 2008

River City Stampers, Formerly Known as...

... Rollin' on the Rubber, had it's annual Christmas party yesterday, and what a lovely party it was! Hosted by our Vice President, Michelle Murphy welcomed us to her beautiful home which was decorated like something straight off the pages of "Martha Stewart Goes Vintage." There was an awesome skinny book page swap happening in Michelle's "to die for" studio, while a chocolate fountain bubbled away in the kitchen. With wasail simmering in one pot, coffee in another and a holiday punch bowl sitting proudly in amongst fresh greenery atop one of the many lovingly refurbished cabinets in Michelle's home.

The dining room table was laden with the "consumable artwork." Once again we were reminded that not only can these women create the most amazing art, they can also put on a spread that'll knock your socks off.

The exchange of artwork was one of the highlights of our gathering. This skinny book page swap represented the diversity of our group with it's many styles and techniques shown in this collection of pages.

While circling the huge dining room table we played "Dirty Santa" with beautiful rubber stamps. We stole, swapped and swiped stamps until everyone had something special to inspire their next project. I couldn't get a good enough angle to capture the fun we had during this exchange... but I will say, "ha, ha, ha, I got the one I wanted!" :) Thanks Marguerite.... and Candice!

These pictures are just representative of the group. Most of our group was able to attend. We remembered and missed those who couldn't make it to celebrate the season with us.

As with older homes, there were lots of cozy corners to find yourself lost in. With tables and seating anywhere possible we sat and ate and visited and ate and vistited and then ate some more!

Several of us just weren't ready for the festivities to end, so we settled into the scrumptious red leather sectional couch and continued our visit for hours.... I'd still be there if I could have stayed!

Thanks to Michelle for a very special holiday party. You were an amazing hostess and, I think I can speak for the group when I say it was one of the best gatherings yet!

Oh and Cyndi & Shelby ..... look to the left and scroll down a bit.... sorry it took so dang long!


Michelle Murphy said...

as you can tell i have not gotten motivied yet from yesterday..i have been getting caught on my blog reading and did a wonderful job on recaping the the pictures..i never got the chance to evenget my camera out..glad you came and hung out..we must do it more often

Shelly Hickox said...

These are great pics! I do like that the one I'm in is soft focus, lol. That was such a great party - I'm sure we'd still be on Michelle's couch if we could be!