Friday, December 5, 2008

Game Piece Swap

"Auntie UP".... get it? :)

Several years ago I started a Mixed-Media Yahoo! group called, "The Meeting of the Muses." It has grown into an awesome group of artists who enjoy creative kinship and artist swaps of all kinds. We have frequent ATC, inchie, Moo, book page, and technique swaps. You name it... if you can paint it, ink it, stamp it or glue it, we're likely to swap it! This time our fellow "Muse," Mary Ann, posted a swap for altered game pieces. I of course, jumped in with both feet. Mary Ann is creating an artistic game board for each of the participants. I can't wait to see what she's dreamed up for us this time! AND to top it off, she's reserved a spot at "The Melting Pot" where we'll indulge ourselves in all things dunked in melted chocolate! A perfect afternoon, if you ask me! Life is Good! Although we have participants from all ends of the earth, those of us in the Memphis area try to get together for "on the spot" swaps whenever we can... somehow these swaps always seem to revolve around food... and the more decadent the better!

I'm a bit premature in posting these as we usually wait 'til after the swap, but I can't resist this time. I had so much fun making these little treasures. Nearly everything I used is from our online store The letterpress blocks, the collage images, the vintage buttons, the fabulous Baroque border, and the metallic Rub-on, all come from our store. Have I told you how much fun it is to have a store at your own home!?


Shelly Hickox said...

These are so cool Roxi!! What a great swap. You're right, you are a lucky girl to have a store in your house!

Tina said...

Those are very neat! what a fun swap, you'll have to show us the whole game when you get it all!

Michelle Murphy said...


Dianne Adams said...

These are great! I love them!