Friday, December 26, 2008

A North Carolina Christmas

A little tree and a lot of love! Oh, and what happened to the "one gift each" leaner Christmas plan!?

Me and my sweet girls in our matching PJs.

The guys in their matching jammies. Laura took a goofy photo from the wedding and turned it into "Bromance 2008" shirts. Trey is a good sport.... he has to be, if he wants to be a part of this family!

Laura & Trey with their critters. I wish I had a picture of Stash, Wiley & Brooke in their costumes. Yes, the animals put on a little show for us... Presenting Brooke as Santa Paws, Wiley as the Rowdy Reindeer and Stash as the Reluctant Elf, complete with flashing lights, wagging tails and roaring laughter from the audience!

And one shot of me in the kitchen...

I miss the old days with our little ones waking us up at the wee hours of the morning, the piles of wrapping paper filing the living room, the breakfast casserole and the homemade cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.... wait a minute... we did all that, except our girls finagled things until we opened gifts in the middle of the night! They couldn't even wait 'til morning. What we did miss was having Chris and Sarah with us. Some people dream of white Christmases... I dream of having our Christmases together, no matter what the weather.


Michelle Murphy said...

love the pictures..i am glad to know that i can expect steph and i to have matching pj's even when she is in her 20's..i am with you on missing the excitement of the kids when they were young i still remeber the nights that i just laid down and here they come wanting to see what santa brought..yes having everyone together is my wish too..maybe next year

Dianne Adams said...

Roxi...dh and I sipped coffee and waited on "the kids" to join us so we could open gifts. We recalled how Tyler would wake us up at 4:30 in the morning. Funny how things change.
You all looked so cute in your jammies!! Glad you had some time with your family.

Roxi Phillips said...